Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June First Tuesday Garden Party

It is June, and a Tuesday (Garden Party Tuesday)! And in my garden things are really coming into full growth and bloom. The summer months without a drought are the best time of the year here!

This was just one little bloom a few years ago. I think I may try to figure out if this divides as a daylily does so I can have it in a few other places around the garden.

I really like the vertical interest it provides in amongst the green of the garden.

The cats mint is growing in nicely giving me a horizontal wash of purple blooms. I will cut them back in a week or two for more compact blooms...

Ha! And I thought that these (Iris?) were going to give me a third summer of no blooms. I got it at a past bloom, perrenials half-off sale a few years ago. We'll see very soon!!!

Oh, and I am SO delighted that the hydrangea are starting to bloom!

Look at these... I have 4 of them lining the front of the house and will have plenty for flower arrangements this summer...

And this iris. Well it does not look like the other ones (Ceasar's something...). And I do believe that I only had that one type. So it peaks my interest to know if it is a cross breed or different species... It reminds me of an alien head from some Sci-Fi movies popping into my head.

Oh and I am also going to be working on a full line of cutout porcelain flower pendants for my business. No time like a recession to look back at the beginning of your work to be re-inspired to create again! Check out my Marsha Neal Studio Etsy Shop for some of my current pendants for sale...

I also have a FaceBook page for my business if you are interested in becoming a "fan"...
I usually post pictures of new things I am making and have giveaways for people that comment and make purchases (also - I offer special discounts randomly to my FaceBook fans)...

-- Pictures and Posting From My iPhone


  1. Your garden is truly gorgeous!

  2. Love your blooms! The deep purple/blue iris is amazing! Thanks for sharing, Paula in Idaho

  3. I love your tiered garden with brick walls- so elegant. I've tried to grow catmint and just can't get it to grow well, it's never looked like yours!

    Lovely flower pendants, too, Marsha!
    Thanks for participating in the Garden Party!