Saturday, July 23, 2011

I Heart Macro Garden Pictures

Welcome to my weekly post to contribute to this weeks "I Heart Macro"
Hosted by Studio Waterstone every Sunday.
Candy Lily (Iris family actually)
Chloe's gord (one of many).
Old rusty tomato stand with lone cherry tomato.

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Saturday, July 9, 2011

I Heart Macro - Hipstamatic Zinnea

Welcome to my weekly post to contribute to this weeks "I Heart Macro"
Hosted by Studio Waterstone every Sunday.
Zinnea through my iPhone Hipstamatic app.
Immature grasshopper (he must really like my garden).
A fly which was caught mid-rub as if saying "what's that I taste?"
From April Fools Day: Hellebore with Ice/Snow.

I wanted to throw that last image in just to remind those of us in the throws of hot, humid temperatures that it was not that long ago that we were freezing our tushes off, willing to deal with this heat and humidity. Has a more powerful effect if you go stand right next to the AC vent and think about a freezing breeze…

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

I Heart Macro - A Bit Of Everything...

I'm a huge fan of macro pictures.
If you are too, take a peek at:
I Heart Macro, hosted by Studio Waterstone every Sunday…

Here are some pics that I've taken this week:
A Teeny Tiny Toad on 3/4" river rock pebbles.
"Milkshake" Cone Flower blooming in my Garden.
Caterpillar in camouflage on broken 1/2" diameter twig.
Porcelain Clay Grid Shards drying.
I am pretty excited about the quality of photos from my iPhone 
(sometimes with small hand lens).
Makes it easier to take so many pictures without worrying about having another camera with me all the time. These are no digital SLR macro photos, but I'm ok with that for the time being...

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