Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Visit To The Garden Center...

I find it is SO much better for my wallet if I avoid anyplace that sells plants. Especially the local garden center (overpriced, but very nice selection & good specimens).

Look at this beauty: Erin Rachel Hibiscus (Monrovia).

At $40 (an annual here) it stayed there & I'll enjoy the picture...

So Chloe picked out her garden chariot led by me and we were off to find some Muhly Grass (like the ones that FaireGarden has growing in beautiful washes of purple... See her blog post here).

There had just been a thunder storm through the area so we found puddles of water on lots of plants - especially in the pond section of the garden center...

I unfortunately did not find the grass I was looking for, but did find a table of really nice cone flowers...
(I love this pink orange color...)

Which I believe to be my favorite plant in my garden this year... ahhh...Cone Flowers!
(whitish coneflower - how wonderful! It's not pink, purple and green...)

Every year something catches my heart and just makes me so happy...
(I love the dark stem on this one! Vertically nice interest...)

It may have to do with how well they are doing in the garden...
(how sweet are those little petals and huge head?)

Or the colors, textures, & shapes...
(this picture does this orangy red no justice... it's delicious!)

I have always wanted globe thistle too (but ask myself - is it a mistake... I don't know this plant well enough - is it safe to put amongst the others?...)

So until they are planted, they sit here in my overgrown hosta bed... I like the height they add to the area. Maybe I'll add some of the "from seed cone flowers" (which there are a ton of this year) here and the new ones will go into where the deer tend go avoid them... Need to make this purchase worth wild and get more plants from these from the potential seeds.

Happy Tuesday Garden Party! It's Tuesday & I'm posting on time... See miracles (and teething babies up at 3am - my little Riley) do happen...

And Dave, I promise to not go to the garden center again until they are having a really good sale and I have these plants thriving and seeds abounding... (Chloe thought they were SO pretty and we just had to have them for our garden... And I did use my birthday garden gift card & monies - Thanks Krista & Teren!)

-- Pictures Taken With & Posted From My iPhone


  1. Hi! I like going to nurseries and garden centers too, and it's difficult for me not to overspend there.
    I found your blog via Tuesday Garden Party. I like gardening blogs and I will gladly follow yours.
    Have a nice day!

  2. Nurseries are a dangerous place for my wallet too:) but so fun! Lovely photos of the coneflowers. I haven't planted any for fear of containment. Is it easy to keep them where you want?

    by way of Jami's garden party...

  3. Hi girls! thanks for stopping by and commenting... I have found that the deer and birds keep the coneflower numbers from expanding exponentially. I purposefully kept some seed heads to bury and sprinkled seeds last summer and got a lot of plants this year. They were very easy to divide or weed if need be early on... So for me - quite easy to contain. You can always deadhead them if the deer don't first.

  4. Congrats on being in the #1 spot at the Garden Party today! Is that what you did when you were up with your teething baby? :-)

    I wish my coneflowers would reseed and give me more- I can barely keep the ones I've got alive. Alas, it's my soil...

  5. Just stoppin' by from TGP. I love just looking around at greenhouses and nursery's and seeing new and different varieties of plants. Happy to be your newest follower as I am anxious to see future posts from your garden.