Saturday, June 26, 2010

What The Deer Have Left For Me...

These are what were to be cone flowers... (picture taken last week)

And there are already more potential blooms...

But I can't complain because the seed heads from previous years have given our garden a plethora of new cone flower plants...

And as I watered them all this morning I was noticing how there were areas that the deer go to time and time again, and other areas they avoid.

It could be a number of things:
1. They eat the ones that are easy to reach first (the ones towards the edges).

2. They don't like certain plants in the garden and the cone flowers protected by those plants are safer.

3. Totally coincidence and they were scared off by something before they got to them.

I will make sure to keep this in mind as I think about moving some plants around in the garden: barriers and feeding zones...

So here are some other pics I have snapped:


A poppy plant... I spread poppy seeds every year and if they show up - I'm delighted!

Red Admiral butterfly on Milkweed.

I haven't seen these flowers in years (ID?) The deer usually devour them. Maybe the Cats Mint deterred them.

This red daylilly usually is a goner too, but managed to survive to bloom...

St. John's Wort...

Hydrangea... Amazing how a little extra watering make these gals plump those flower heads right up.

And a new area that I planted this year with Russian Blue Sage, Cone Flower, Hostas, and Nastursiums... Hopefully will help mask the huge retaining wall that holds up the side of our front lawn.

And of course, my little garden helper that "makes the flowers happy" by helping her mom water them. Even in PJ's after eating breakfast outside:
"Look mommy, the flowers are happy!!! And the hose got me wet... Oh well!"

- Pictures Taken With & Posted From My iPhone

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  1. Oh too bad about the deer... Your garden does look fantastic though - you and your helper have done a great job!