Monday, September 20, 2010

Mosaic Monday: Hipstamatic iPhone App Detail Pictures

Welcome to my contribution to Mosaic Monday, hosted by Little Red House
My post is a bit of a tutorial this week.
I wanted to share with you my "test results" from using my iPhone "Hipstamatic" camera app.
I am slightly obsessed with this app and the photos it takes…

I wanted to discover the film and lens combination to get the images I am attracted to, so I sat down and took a picture with each film, and lens…
Alfred Infared Film
BlackKeys Film
Blanko Film
Float Film
Inas 1969 Film
Kodot Verichrome Film
Pistil Film
Helga Viking Lens
Jimmy Lens
John S Lens
Kaimal Mark II Lens
Robo Glitter Lens
And they just updated the app with another lens… So I'm going to add that to the mix.

I know there are programs that allow you to edit your photos and create these effects.
But I guess I'm the type that likes instant gratification…
Too much going on to sit and try to figure out another computer program (and waste time getting pissed off trying to edit it all). Forget that!

Into the garden with my camera phone I go!


  1. Hasn't technology come a long way? So many ways to view your blooms - and it was fun looking at them.

  2. Thanks… It's fun to try out this new technology. I wish I had the funds and time to be able to learn about the actual photography history behind these and to use (or at least see someone use) the actual equipment. I start to get overwhelmed just thinking about the possibilities of what technology has to offer...

  3. It looks like you are having a great time with your phone. Love the photos!