Monday, September 13, 2010

Hydrangea and Riley Mosaic Monday

Today has allotted me a few moments to pull some pictures that I snapped yesterday as Riley and I wandered through the garden in the misty rain… 

I think these camera phone applications are quite interesting.
This one was with the Hipstamatic application on my iPhone.
The vintage feel to the pictures is quite amazing, although after inspecting all the dozens of pictures taken yesterday, I am curious as to how to get a better picture with it.

Mind you, I was carrying an eight month on my chest, whom was quite eager to grab at everything in front of him including plants, my arms, my phone, sleeping bees (almost).

It was overcast and misty out…
There is no tap and focus on this particular camera app…

So today, being sunny, having a pack and play out ready to contain Riley, and then both hands available for taking pictures, I'm going to head back out there and get some more...

Will be posting more of those pictures and results on Wednesday's Garden Bloggers Bloom Day post.

Tomorrow will be an update to the "other side hill" garden project for Garden Party Tuesday.

What do you have going on in your garden? 
Why don't you think about participating as well? 
Consider this your invitation from me - not that they are mine to do this with, but it is great fun, and you actually don't need to be invited - just jump in on it...


  1. Love the collage!
    (What a cute baby, too!)

  2. Hi Marsha! Thanks for identifying the pipevine swallowtail for me...greatly appreciated! Nice to meet you!

  3. Love the background picture on your blog. A wonderful mosaic with a very sweet baby:)