Saturday, October 13, 2012

Almost Frosty

Temperatures here in DE are dipping into their fall into winter temperatures.
Soon we will get a hard frost - but so far, not quite hard enough...

Annual grasses (planted for some seasonal texture & color).

The nasturtium have reseeded themselves this year and are finally in the last week - really taken off.

The Zinnea - how wonderful is this display of shapes and textures in this flower head (I really miss my cone flowers!)

No idea what this is. I am infamous for grabbing seeds & trying some out. I believe this was from the local natural foods store... Not that this is edible. But the fruit look like little pumpkins (I bet I took a photo of the seed packet).

This morning there were little bits of frost on some plants

I love the way the frost gathers on the edges.

Like little white highlights...

And the bees are tucked away - unable to move in these temperatures...

The bees are literally stuck there - just hanging on...

And this will be the end of the Zinnea growth.

Little microcosms of moss & seed & garden debris...

And the potted mums. These are always a frosty morning pleasure to view.

Now back to weekend family time and a bit of glazing during nap time...
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