Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Little Help From The Rain...

This is my 50th Garden Blog Post...

And Thank The Heavens for sending us some much needed rain over the last couple of days (and a couple more to come!)
Under the umbrella I crept out into the garden (while both of my little ones were napping) to see how the plants were doing... Found this very wet bee hanging out, unable to fly anywhere at the moment...
There are finally some blooms on my Morning Glories Vines (threw some new seeds in this year for this vivid purple/blue - YUM!)
The Nasturtiums are hanging in there... It was getting pretty dry out there and the leafs started to brown and die off. New growth (if any) from my watering attempts were small in diameter. But now with the rain, they are getting larger... 
Here is a picture I snapped of a Yellow Tiger Swallowtail on a mature cone flower before the rain. Doesn't that picture just feel hot to you? Sunny...very sunny...
The little ones and I went to the beach for 4 days while dad was traveling with work (went to stay with my in-laws). I have been trying to get these new cone flowers into the ground for a few weeks now, but have not had a moment to breathe. What to do when going away for 4 days in 90 to 100 degree weather and NO rain in the forecast? Chloe's water table!!! It worked perfect (this is a picture of them after we got home, I filled it up again, then got rain finally).

These are about to bloom... Wonder how much I am going to love them this year. Last year, they didn't do much for me (these are the ones that I have as my blog header picture from 2008 bloom).
This one I got seeds from them last year and have babies growing in another part of the garden. Will see how they do - so far, so good (about 5" tall babies).
I am quite enjoying these grasses at the top of the hill this year. I think it's time to divide them...
And even though the flowers are showing signs that they have been through a very unusually hot June, the foliage is looking quite healthy (compared to my previous post picture).
And of course just as I saw that this plant was finally coming back to life (I'm horrible at keeping house plants alive. Ok - I just forget to water them often... But my sister comes over and she and Chloe water them. That along with my haphazard random watering and they are all really thriving...) it got bumped by the back of the vintage Italian Grandma lounge couch when Dave sat down in a "Oh Thank God I can sit for a moment" kind of thump sitting.
It is one of my favorite plants, grown by a friend of a friend that worked at Longwood Gardens. I've had it for years...
As I heard the crash from the other room, my immediate thought was "oh, no! Chloe fell out of the hammock chair and hurt herself"... But as I ran back into the room and saw her sitting in the hammock chair staring at Dave... And Dave with a look of "oh crap, what did I knock over" on his face...
I was totally relieved that it was the planter that had broken and not her...
We can always get another planter...

Thanks for stopping by!
Hope your garden is thriving...


  1. The colors in your pictures are quite stunning! Love the morning glory shot! Glad you got some rain we got 2 inches in 3 days over the weekend.

  2. The cone flowers are tough and seem to survive anything. Love the color of your morning glory!

  3. Gorgeous! And love the Morning Glory! Those have always been some of my favorites. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Your picture are wonderful. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

    Visiting with the TGP!

  5. That morning glory is a scene stealer! Beautiful photography as always.

  6. Lovely flowers! I hear you on the pots and water... I have trouble with that too:) I just keep a few and they are all in the same place, by the front door, so I don't forget too often.

    visiting from TGP

    ps. congrats on 50 garden posts!

  7. I'm late getting to all the TGP posts this week, but I'm glad I did- your garden does look better for the rain! I try every year to grow Heavenly Blue morning glories and they very rarely grow for me. Yours is lovely. And your idea for keeping the coneflowers watered is very similar to a vacation watering tip I'm posting for the next TGP- great minds and all that, I guess. :-)

    Thanks for sharing!