Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Cleaning, Outdoor Style...

Ok, my first picture is of where the fairies in my garden live:

It feels great to spend a little time outdoors, especially when I get some of those forever lingering "one day I want to..." off if my to do list. Wish I could find a good metal rake that the handle or head stays on for more than a few good pulls...

Saturday was spent cleaning out the garden, then weeding, then dividing and transplanting some perrenials.

It was nice to be able to actually see the soil and what new plants were making a comeback this season... Lots and lots of little new plants!!!

And I have my very first Hellebore baby!!! This 'mother' plant has been here since 2006 and the seeds have finally matured into this little one - SO relieved to see them!

This Hellebore is starting to get it's seeds.

And I have started on fixing the garden steps...

They need a little clean-up and plantings now...

Ok, getting bloodwork done... My turn!
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