Saturday, June 25, 2011

I Heart Macro - Insects

I'm a huge fan of macro pictures.
So of course, as I see a few fellow blog friends participating in

Well, I just had to get my brain, computer, & pictures in one place.
So, where is this bug-girl obsessed with up-close photography to start?
 A fly on columbine (love that metallic gold).

An immature grasshopper on milkweed - oh the metallic colors in sunlight!

An adult, winged aphid atop the milkweed. Immature aphids underneath.

And where there are aphid colonies, the ladybug beetle larvae is not far behind.
Love those beneficial insects!

This entomologist, gardener, conservationist just cannot get enough of these up close pictures.

Stop back again to see what else I'm going to post from the garden.
I've got a post coming up with photos of a Hymenoptera pupa and the clay pieces that I was inspired to make into earrings from it...


  1. Marsha, this has been an educational post for me, not to mention the incredible pictures! I am really blown away by your talent!

  2. Wow I love these images, such great details.

  3. Great critter shots! The colors of the fly are wonderful!

  4. The grasshopper just makes me smile--a whimsical shot!

  5. Love that little grasshopper and his cute little antennae! We've raised lady bugs and I was shocked at how hideous the larva look!!! My kids didn't even believe they would turn into lady bugs!

  6. I haven't been able to get good bug shots...they don't stay put long enough! Great shots!

  7. Thanks everyone! They sure do move fast! As do the plants they are on when it's breezy (thank goodness for a nice breeze to get rid of the humidity)…

    Insects are just so much fun look at - especially up close! :)