Saturday, April 23, 2011

Discovering Native Plants & Sustainability...

I can understand why it is important to plant Native plants, have diversity amongst plantings in the garden, and help remove invasive species. I just want to look a little deeper into these things and get to the guts of why they are so important and help anyone reading this to also gain a better understanding.

Here are some of the resources I am looking at right now to try to figure out the big picture:
"Plants for a Livable Delaware" University of DE, DE Horticultural Society
"Delaware Native Plants for Native Bees" Delaware Department of Agriculture
"Non-Native Plants of Delaware" Delaware Fish & Wildlife
"20 Woody and Perennial Plants List" (shortened title) Doug Tallamy
"Native Plant Sale" Delaware Nature Society
Sustainable Landscapes University of Delaware

With all these resources - I think I will be busy for a while (haven't even researched ecological gardening which falls right into this in a more broad sense). 
As I get into it, I will keep posting tidbits and insights here on my blog. There is SO much information out there…

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