Thursday, February 4, 2010

Winter Garden Thoughts

Now that we are into our normal (albeit a little snowier than usual) mid-winter coldest time of the year, I'm starting to get the spring time itch to get out into the garden. We've got almost an acre here, mostly wooded, and in need of some game plans...

This year we need to address three main things, mainly for safety and runoff concerns.

They are all about equal importance, so it is really up to budget and smart planning.

Looking at Chloe out in the snow here makes me think I need to get the hill stairs done first. It will be hard to keep her from going for walks all over that hill this year!

We have some huge trees that need to be looked at and possibly trimmed or removed. Also need to put in some evergreen trees for a wind barrier (and for wildlife habitat -a lot less birds around since the three huge white pines were removed this fall - they were planted way too close to the house).

And we have to plant up our swale with some median plants that like mostly shade and wet feet... Some iris, hostas, ferns and more come to mind...

Planning to get underway very soon! Can't wait!!!

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  1. Marsha...Your blog header is gorgeous!..and what a cutie pie Chloe is...
    clay and limestone